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San Francisco, CA

On the day of my wedding, after nine hours of celebrating and fourteen months of planning I, Virginia Broce realized my dream. To be a wedding planner and to devote my life to making the wedding planning process as enjoyable for other brides as it was for me.

What some brides would describe as stressful, I thought of as therapeutic. I’d had an undying love of DIY art projects and interior design since my teen years and finding a way to use those skills to make other people happy was like a dream come true. With 5+ years as a post production producer under my belt, working with people and managing large projects came naturally to me. I started helping my friends plan their weddings and spent hours making handmade decorations and guest favors, organizing their playlists and calling up vendors. When it was clear that this pastime had become more than a hobby, Lovely Eleven was born, and the rest is history.


What we do:

If all you need, is someone to talk to every once in a while about what to do, who to hire and how to do it, we can help with that.


Virginia Schultz


Lovely Eleven Wedding Planning & Events is a full service wedding planning company, dedicated to making your event not only beautiful and stress-free, but a perfect reflection of your personal taste and unique style.